The term of social entrepreneurship is rather new. It appeared somewhere in the 60s but it was only in the 90s when it started to spread across the world. However this is but a new term for changing the world. If you are wondering what is social entrepreneurship then you are probably part of a minority of people who are concerned with social problems. Utopia is a concept that is not found anywhere in the world. All societies have problems. Some deal with smaller problems while others struggle to survive in challenging environments. We all notice what is wrong with the world. However noticing is not enough. A social entrepreneur is a person who finds solutions in situations where others only see problems.

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Across the world there are a lot of social entrepreneurs. They are brave people who struggle to make the world a better place. They can be part of an organization or they can be on their own. When you are wondering what is social entrepreneurship you need to understand that there isn’t an exact definition of this concept. Furthermore there are no exact rules to this type of endeavor. All it requires is a desire to do good and enough ambition to fight society until you reach your goal. The first step of social entrepreneurship is noticing a problem and coming up with a solution to fix it. The first solution may not always be the best one but it is still a choice. The next step is raising awareness about the problem in question. If you manage to involve a community in a social entrepreneurship project than you will be a lot closer to achieving your goal.

A lot of social problems occur due to man kind’s desire to take the fastest and easiest route. This approach leads to damaging the environment, hurting people and killing evolution. A social entrepreneur needs to have the skill of identifying a society’s potential in order to use it to change the system. Unlike most-non profit organizations who only focus on short term solutions, social entrepreneurs focus on long term results. They come up with innovative ideas in order to improve a system or change it completely.

You can say that a social entrepreneur is a modern day hero. However if you think that his sole purpose in life is to challenge the system then you still haven’t understood what is social entrepreneurship. A social entrepreneur can even be a business owner as long as he dedicates part of his efforts to social causes. For example businesses that are developed in certain areas in order to create work places for local citizens are also a sign of social entrepreneurship. However the business also needs to focus on educating its employees in order to help them improve their lifestyle.

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