If you were wondering what type of car you should buy in order to leave a good impression to people around you, then the Volvo XC90 is your answer. You may ask yourself what’s so special about this car that makes people instantly turn their heads around on the street. Well, first of all it’s the size of it. Volvo XC90 is a huge car and it impresses people simply by its powerful appearance. Yet, it’s not all about appearance. Even though you may believe such a heavy car can’t be as powerful as it looks, the truth is it actually does. Edmunds recommends the Volvo XC90 for all the features and specs it offers. Plus, it can be bought as a second-hand car and it preserves its performance at the fullest. Here’s what you want to know about it:

The Excellence Child Safety Seat Concept The Excellence Child Safety Seat Concept

Price and engine

The Volvo XC90 is quite an expensive car if you opt for buying a new one. It can reach up to $55000 when bought from an agency. The car is four-doored and can host up to five passengers, offering plenty of leg space. Now the interesting part: the engine. This car rocks a 2.0 litre turbo-charge engine with four cylinders that can reach up to 260 horsepower. It comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission that will make the driving experience the most enjoyable ever. The engine is also intercooled and has a fuel system with gasoline direct injection. Also, it has a Drive-E feature and a start-stop adaptive shift for the automatic transmission. The 210 amp alternator will surely make a difference while driving.

Looks and safety

The wheels of this car are 20-inch of madness. They come in a tech-matte grey diamond cut and they complete the entire appearance of the car. The aluminium wheels and the clearcoat paint work extremely well together while the body-coloured bumpers and handles offer a nice touch to the entire exterior look. When it comes to safety, the ESC and RSC systems are there to make driving easy and safe for you. The drive-line traction control is paramount for stabilizing a car that’s so big and the dual stage driver airbags mounted on the seats are there in case something unexpected happens. Volvo included on their cars a great on-call emergency SOS line which can be extremely helpful. Also, you can use the low tire pressure warning to check on your wheels.

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