In a world where image says more than we would like it to, there are chances that the car you are using as a company car is already altering the way in which potential clients and collaborators are seeing you. This means that each time when you consider replacing your old company car, or even your employee’s cars, you must bear in mind some small aspects which could help you advertise your company and sell the image of a powerful brand. For instance, Edmunds says the Volvo XC90 is on itself a powerful marketing tool, having a highly professional image, with clean cuts and design. But more about these strategies, in the following paragraphs.

Two ways in which a great car will improve your brand image

1. A great car itself builds a powerful image

Depending on the domain in which your company is activating, you must make sure that you choose a car appropriate for it. Also, it should be an extremely well-maintained one, regardless of the fact that you are buying a new one or a used piece. It should be powerful, look classy and luxurious and have an overall great attitude. If your company has an image advisor, see what their opinion is when it comes to company cars. They might have some great ideas in terms of vehicles that build a powerful image. For instance, the Volvo XC 90 is a car packed with power under the hood, with a luxurious interior and exterior design, increased safety features and entertainment features as well. Company managers should consider such pieces for themselves.

2. Branded cars for delivery purposes

Branded cars act as an amazing marketing strategy. You see them used by all delivery companies, from catering companies, to auto parts manufacturers and retailers and all sorts of players present in a business environment. While the costs are relatively small, this strategy seems to have great effects. People are very likely to remember a smartly designed car bumper in traffic and decide to use their services, than they are when promotional materials show up in their mailboxes.

These are two smart strategies all business owners could put into practice when it comes to building a stronger brand image. Cars are forceful tools that could be used for this purpose, because they are sending a certain message about the owner, depending on the brand, model and style.

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