The times we live in are continuously changing. People are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to the products or services that they buy, so the majority of companies have to find innovative and creative methods when it comes to advertising. But, according to experts from Canada, people tend to reject the marketing strategies which they consider violent or intrusive and they only choose the ones they find to be the most comfortable and promising. So, when it comes to this fact, “subtlety” is the main concept which should guide their entire activity. And in order to help you, we have made a list with some good methods for promoting your business. Here they are.

Three creative marketing ideas for promoting your business

Get a good logo and put in on a personalised t-shirt


Marketers made some studies and they discovered that people can notice the name or the logo of a company if it is put on a personalised t-shirt. And there are, however, two methods, to make it visible: you can ask your employees to wear the t-shirts when they go on events such as business conferences or team buildings or you can offer personalised t-shirts to your clients, without asking them to pay anything.


And when it comes to this fact, you should try screen printing services Hamilton, due to the fact that they use some modern techniques for personalising the t-shirts. Screen prints are very popular lately, because they come with some intense colours which help people make their company name or logo more easily to distinguish. But make sure that you choose something which has the right size. For example if your company logo is a particular type of text, make sure that everybody is able to read it and remember it. Moreover, the colours you choose for your personalised t-shirts represent another important aspect. So, try to go for combinations like black and white or yellow and green. But don’t worry! They only thing you have to do is to send the text or the image that you want to be printed on the t-shirt in an e-mail and those who offer screen printing services will take care of everything.

Make promotions, but use your imagination and creativity!


Usually, the majority of companies have the tendency to offer people something for free in order to make themselves famous. But, why don’t you try to come with something more innovative? For example, you can organise an event where people can come and taste your products or services. At the end of it, you can ask them to write their opinion on some post notes, without being forced to sign them. Furthermore, don’t forget to buy snacks and drinks because people appreciate them. Also, a good idea is to ask the organizers to wear the personalised t-shirts which are printed with the name/ logo of your company.

Be a sponsor for certain events!


Customers appreciate those companies who are involved in their community life. So a good strategy for making your business known is to put your company name on the list of the sponsors, when it comes to a project or an event. You can choose from different types of domains such as health, education or sport.

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