The moment you resort to the services of a professional web designer, you have to take into account a series of aspects. One important  aspect is to make sure the website is easy to use by anyone. Having a friendly and easy to use website is what convinces people to access it, so you have to make sure it is perfect before you release it and make it public. One of the best methods to ensure everything is working properly is to look for companies that provide website usability testing and to resort to their services. Doing some research online is one good method to look for such companies. In case you are interested in finding more about the most important things on a website that need to be tested regularly, read the rest of the article too.

The most important things to test on your website

It should be compatible with the browser

This is an important thing you need to check before you make your website available to the online market. Everyone is familiar with the scenario of wanting to access a website but cannot because the site works only if opened in a specific browser. This is quite frustrating and in order to avoid this from happening to your own website too, which would automatically lead to losing a great number of visitors, it is recommended to make sure the website is compatible with the commonly used browsers.

eCommerce should work accordingly

In case you have created the website with the purpose of selling, it is critical to ensure the e-commerce feature works properly.  Your online  business might not take flight, and you would risk losing customers. Make sure products are easy to add to cart and the entire procedure of purchasing the desired products does not take too long.

Pay attention to auto-replies

If your website is designed to give auto-replies to any customer or visitor of the website who want to clarify something, it is recommended to check this services regularly in order to make sure the information you give in these auto-replies is not out of date. This way, your customers will appreciate the fact that you give your best to please them and to answer their questions or requests properly.

Check the links

Links are also an important thing that needs to be tested before releasing the website to the online market. Going from the testing environment to making your website available online might bring some problems and the most common is that some links might get lost during this process. It is important to do a manual testing on each page to see whether they are active or not. You should also consider using a link checker regularly to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Check the loading time too

A website that takes too much to load will make the visitors impatient and eventually they will leave the website, trying another one similar to yours. Check your website for bugs, because most of the times they are the main cause for this issue.

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