Developing a new product is a great step for your company and a complex task for your design team, but launching the product is the most difficult part of the process, because you have to be sure that, you are bringing it on the market at the right moment. If you are launching it at the right moment, and customers are thrilled to find it on sale, your company would have great success, but if your event is not what customers expects to be, and you are not able to promote the products, as it requires, you might have difficulties in convincing people to buy it. When starting to plan the product launch event, it is wise to have a To Do list, to be sure that you do not skip from view some crucial aspects. For example, you might not believe, but printed programs for events have a huge impact on the success of the product-launch, because according to the content you choose to share with their help, you can convince your customers to attend the event or not.

Product-launch event organising – To Do list

Determine the purpose of the event

You are confident that your company is about to launch a great product, but the purpose of the event is not only to tell the world that you bring something new on the market. You might also want to boost the sales of the firm with this new product, so before starting to organise the event, you have to clearly determine the main reason why you are having it. The purpose would influence the type of the event, so you can choose to have a customer event, media event or trade event. According to the type of the event, you would also know to whom send the invitations. Deciding your target audience would help you design the message you want to send the market, which has to be consistent and powerful enough to convince people to try the product.

Choose an event printing company

It is essential to collaborate with a company that provides printing services for trade shows, corporate events and exhibits, because the promotional documents have to be edited and designed in a particular way. Make sure the company you choose to hire would meet exactly the specifications you offer them and they would send you samples of the program before sending it to print. You have to populate the program with information about your company, products and especially, with details about the new product. Do not forget that people focus on images, so you should include only high-quality pictures.

Offer your customers a reason to attend the event

The most difficult part of this type of event is to convince people to attend to it. You have to show them, with the help of promotional materials and event program, that it is a worthwhile experience, so try to create a story which would capture them from the first words. The printing company could offer you help in designing not only the program of the event, but also the promotional materials.

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