Writing a business letter can be quite tricky especially is this is your first time doing it. However following the proper etiquette for such a letter can affect how your concerns are going to be handled. If you write a professional business letter you are most likely to be taken seriously than if you write an incoherent and informal one. If you want to learn how to write a business letter all you have to do is follow this simple guidelines.

How To Write A Business Letter How To Write A Business Letter Pictures

First of all in the top left side of the letter you should write your company’s name. Underneath it you need to write the company’s address. If you are a freelancer or you are unemployed you can just write your name followed by your address. Under the letterhead you should write the date. Beneath it you need to state the name of the person you are addressing followed by the executive title, company name and address. Each information needs to be written on a new line right beneath the previous information.

Once you are done with the header you can move on to the letter’s content. Start with a proper salutation formula that fits the person you are addressing. Use proper marital status and titles. The body of the letter should be structured into 3 main paragraphs. When learning how to write a business letter think of the 3 paragraphs as introduction, body and conclusion. Each part part of the letter should be concise (2-3 lines) and legible. In the first paragraph you need to state the reason why you are sending out this letter. In the second paragraph you need to state what you wish to obtain. If you are having a problem you need to describe how you wish it to be resolved. If you are applying for a job you need to demonstrate why you would be a good acquisition for the company and so on. In the last paragraph you describe what you would like to happen in the future. For example in case of a resume you can say that it would give you great pleasure to meet for an interview so that you can debate a possible future collaboration.

Content is just as important when writing a business letter, and those reading it will react to it just as they do to the formatting. As you well know, you have to maintain a business-like attitude and use formal language; don’t write about things that your recipient doesn’t care about, such as your interest in the social democratic party or the weather outside. You have to limit yourself to the matters at hand, and to refer specifically at the reasons for which you wrote the letter. A business letter is almost like an official document and, most of all, it is like a presentation card for you; nobody will care about your preferences for the social democratic party, they just want to see how you handle your business and how you keep your word.

In the letter’s closing you can use some standard salutations such as Sincerely, Cordially, Respectfully, Yours Truly or Regards. After the closing salutation comes the signature. You should leave 3-4 free lines in order to have enough space for your signature once you have printed the letter. Close with your name and title. Last but not least if you plan to attach other documents to the letter you should list them at the bottom of the letter( the number of documents as well as their names). By following these simple guidelines anyone can learn how to write a business letter.

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