If you like to cook, entertain and you often host dinner parties for your friends, you should consider starting a catering business. This kind of business in very profitable with huge growth potential, and it is also fun and rewarding. If you don’t know how to start a catering business, follow these 6 simple steps:

How to Start a Catering Business in 6 Steps How to Start a Catering Business in 6 Steps Pictures
  • 1. Research

Before you get started, do some research about the competitive world of catering. You will need to know who your customers are, what do they want and how can you offer something that is different from the already available services. Clients can be companies, couples that want to get married, people that are planning a party and many others. If you want to work with corporate clients only, there is the advantage of becoming a regular supplier.

  • 2. Decide what you are going to serve

Think about food that you are passionate about and love making. Everything you do with genuine passion is more likely to be successful. If you like baking, consider a desserts-only catering. Lunch and brunch food is also highly demanded, and appetizers and cocktails are gaining popularity.

  • 3. Write the menu

If you don’t know how to start a catering business, begin with a diverse menu that suits different tastes. If you offer many spicy meals, make sure you also have non-spicy and vegan options. The catering menu resembles a restaurant menu and offers famous dishes, as well as your own specialties.

  • 4. Set up the space

You will need a clean space with ventilation, restrooms, lightning, drinking water, drainage facilities and pest control. The equipment must be easy to clean and the van used for transporting food as well. The Restaurant & Catering Association has many rules and regulation, so make your business respects them.

  • 5. Hire staff

When thinking about how to start a catering business, consider how many employees you need to help with the food preparation and how much you are going to do yourself. The staff will also help with the delivery and service at the events. You can hire a recruiting agency for more complicated position like the cooks, and even use a temp agency. Uniforms are an important aspect, because they contribute to the image of your company.

  • 6. Market the business

After everything is ready, create a web page for your company and post on social media networks. You can also print flyers, menus and post ads in the local newspapers a couple of weeks before you open. Wedding sites are a good place to advertise and popular wedding locations nearby can refer you to clients. Tell your friends about you new business and ask them to spread the word.

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