If you just started a company or your existing business is not going well, free advertising can increase visibility and attract potential customers. If you don’t know how to get free advertising, take a look at these 5 efficient methods:

How to Get Free Advertising Picture How to Get Free Advertising Picture

1. Conventional advertising
Working with the media is not as hard as most people think. News outlets need to fill their space with content 24/7, and most of them would be interested in your story. Contact local reporters if you are planning an event and get free coverage. A press release is a great start if you don’t know how to get free advertising. Ask local newspapers, radio stations, TV stations and magazines who you should send your press release to and make it sound newsworthy. If you are opening your business, reopening or receiving an award, getting it published can draw attention. Eco-friendly stories are very popular now, so if you are planting trees or switching to natural cleaning products make sure to tell a reporter about it. Well written articles that emphasize your abilities and the services your company offers are great advertising means.

2. Search engines
Most search engines allow users to list their business so it will show up when people search for similar services. You can even add a map to help potential customers locate you easier. When you are writing the content of your website, use certain keywords that will rank you higher in the search results. Partner with another website and place your ad on their home page, in exchange for a similar benefit.

3. Social media
Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great advertising tools that target young people. If you don’t know how to get free Advertising, sign up on as many social sites as you can and create a profile for your business. Many cities have a downtown development authority with accounts on such sites and often post about local businesses. If you are having a sale, or adding something new to the menu, send the information over. Other websites like LinkedIn are especially developed for professionals and companies. Posting on forums and blogging in an effective way to reach consumers. Utilizing the most popular social media websites for advertising is not only free, but it now connects you with a much larger target market, because this is how people most spend their time online. The most popular social media channels have become so important in people’s lives that they use them to get information, to find out opinions and multiple other tasks than just meeting new people.

4. Phone calls
A simple phone call to clients is a great marketing strategy. Ask existing and potential customers if they are happy with the services you provide and what more do they need. Learn how to get free advertising by listening to people and making them feel important.

5. Teaching
Local chapters of the Small Business Administration often search for professionals that are willing to share their expertise with others. Community colleges have adult learning programs and teaching seminars.

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