A business letter is a formal letter that has a strictly business content. In order for the letter to be as correct and official as possible it needs to be addressed in a proper manner. Various titles can be used depending on the type of person that you are addressing. Men and women need to be approached in different ways and you must also be very careful when you are writing a letter with more than one recipients. Follow these simple instructions in order to learn how to address a business letter.

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It is very difficult to write a letter without knowing the right recipient. If you want your letter to be taken seriously avoid using: To whom it may concern. This formula is very vague and it shows lack of commitment. Do your research before sending out a letter and find the right person that you need to contact. However if you fail to find the name of the person you need then you should address the letter by Dear Sir or Madam. If you are sending out a resume you can use Dear Hiring Manager or Dear Human Resources Manager.

When addressing women try to avoid using a marital title unless you are completely certain of it. Try to find out if a woman has any title in the company’s hierarchy. You can obtain this information by visiting the company’s website or by talking to a human resources representative. Female doctors should be addressed in the following manners: Dr. Name; Name, D.O; Name. M.D. In the salutation use Dear Dr. Name. Furthermore is the woman you are addressing has a church title make sure to use the right one.

If you want to learn how to address a business letter you must always do your research. While addressing a woman may be more complicated due to the marital status, addressing a man is simpler and Dear Sir usually works just fine. However if the man in question is a doctor or has a church function you should attach the proper title to the name. But what happens when you are writing a letter with more than one recipient? Well this isn’t as complicated as it sounds. All you have to do is use their last names and address them using Messrs which is the plural form of mister. Therefore when addressing both a man named Jones and a man named Smith the salutation formula should be : Messrs Jones and Smith. If you are addressing a man and a woman you can use: Dear Mr. Name and Mrs. Name. By following these simple steps you will always know how to address a business letter in a proper manner.

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