Dealing with bad paying customers can have a catastrophic effect on your company, since it puts you in the situation of not being able to pay your employees their salaries. Going for a pay cut may not be the smartest move, but implementing some credit control ground rules is. An even better solution would be to resort to the services of an outsourced credit control company instead of creating a distinct department within your business, so here are some important considerations to keep in mind when searching for such a company.

Here s how a great credit control agency should look like

Research and look for recommendations

First things first, you have to start with research. The World Wide Web is plentiful in websites of companies providing outsourced credit control services, so all you have to do is take some time off of your work and look for the most reputable ones in your region. Experts also advise to ask other people for some recommendations to make a clearer idea on which company is worth looking further into. Read reviews and testimonials too, this should be found on the company’s website or social media.


Many are on the opinion that professionalism comes with years of experience in the domain. While this may sometimes be true for some companies, there are others that have only recently been released on the market, yet have managed to convince many business owners resort to their services instead of other competitors on the market. The reason? They proved they are capable of providing top quality and professional services for a reasonable amount of money.

Fair price

Surely, price is an important selection criterion in any business decision, yet it should not be the most important one. A company providing credit control services for the highest price on the market may not always be the best one in the industry too. On the other hand, a company that asks for prices that seem too good to be true may not be the worst choice either. The best way to determine whether or not to go with that company is to check their credibility and stability, as well as their license.


A great credit control agency should be transparent not only regarding its pricing, but also the services it provides. They should offer you detailed report on the progress they make and make information easily accessible to you, keeping you up to date with every move they make.

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