A secretary is the person who offers support to the company, and they work close with the manager and other members of the board team. Although they make everything seem simple, if you closely analyze their activity, you will notice that, this is not an easy job, anyone can do. Only persons with special skills are good secretaries, and if you want to hire one, then you have to be sure that you find the right person for the job. There are many specific qualities that differentiate a good secretary from a great one, so you have to decide, what you are looking for, when you are looking for secretarial services in Singapore. Because the economy is in a poor shape, you may had to cut back your staff, so their responsibilities will come to the secretary. Below you will find more details about the qualities a great secretary should have, make sure to read them, to hire the best person for your open position.

Great qualities every secretary should have

A secretary should have communication skills

Interpersonal relationship, communication and listening skills are the most wanted qualities you, as a representative of the company, should look in a secretary. The main reason for hiring a person who has these qualities is that they will be the one who will contact the customers and partners. The secretary is the person who takes the unnecessary pressure from your shoulders, so they are the one who answer phone calls, assists customers and help everyone with their concerns, while you run the business.

Organizational skills are important also

An administrative assistant is one of the key persons of every company, especially if you are running a very busy and fast-paced firm. The assistant is the one who organizes the day-to-day operations and who alleviates the stress, so it is important to hire a person who is able to plan your activities. When there is a countless amount of responsibilities, the administrative assistant has to take care of everything, so you have to be sure that they will know which the right order is, and how they have to filer everything.

Do not forget about the time management skills

If there is a crucial quality every assistant should have, then this is time management. Even though you may think in some situations that there is not enough time in a day for everything to be done, the assistant will make sure to plan the activities in such a way to meet deadlines. They are persons who have the ability to prioritize and who will not let any distraction come in your way. In order for your business to run smoothly, you have to be sure that you hire a person who has time management skills. They have to be conscientious of business hours and you have to be sure that they are punctual at work and other schedules activities. The level or reliability is essential when hiring a person, so you have to be sure that alongside with being punctual the secretary is a person you can trust. These are some of the great qualities every assistance should have, so make sure to consider them.

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