Small shipping companies know how difficult it is to enter a market that was already cornered by the bigger fish in the pond, those big companies that have several decades of experience in the domain and who are worldly renowned for their services. However, it is worth mentioning that there is still a chance to compete against these bigger companies and probably the best solution to this is to join a global logistics network such as and to work with a professional freight forwarder. However, what are the most important aspects to look for in a freight forwarder?

Golden rules to follow when choosing a freight forwarder

They should have vast knowledge and experience in the domain

An essential aspect you have to pay great attention to when choosing a freight forwarder to handle your shipping businesses is to make sure he or she is an experienced one, with several years of working in the industry. What is more, they should also have vast knowledge in the domain, which means that they have to know all the laws and regulations related to international shipping and they have to know exactly what steps to follow when an unpredictable situation occurs.

The forwarder’s network should be reliable

Each freight forwarder has their own network of agents and partners whom they work with, so it is mandatory you check this network of business partners they operate with in the country you are interested in either exporting to or importing from. Keep in mind that if a forwarder has very good and strong connections in a specific country, but not in the one you are interested in, you should look for another forwarder.

Make sure their services suit your needs

Worth mentioning is the fact that there are different types of transportation freight forwarders can provide their clients with, from air shipping to warehousing, truck shipping or ocean shipping. Most forwarders are specialized in only one type of transportation, so it is recommended to check whether the professional you are interested in working with meets with the type of transportation you operate. Another aspect you should check at this point is to see whether or not the freight forwarder you are about to work with is willing to provide its clients with cargo insurance as well as with shipment tracking, because these two options can be crucial in the transportation industry.

They should provide good customer service

Regardless the industry, good customer service is considered the key to success for a business, and the freight forwarding domain is definitely no exception to the rule. It is highly important for a forwarder to ensure its clients that he or she will come in contact with them in due time, whenever there is something that needs to be cleared out, that they will answer their questions as quickly as possible and will offer them high quality services the entire period.

As you can see, these are some of the most important rules you have to keep in mind the moment you decide to work with a freight forwarder. 

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