These days, the number of brands and businesses across Great Britain that are making the switch to custom adhesive products is accelerating like never before.  Unsurprisingly therefore, custom adhesive suppliers and manufacturers are also emerging in much larger numbers.  In terms of why this is the case, it simply comes down to the way in which businesses at all levels are beginning to realise the way in which their operations could benefit significantly by making the switch to custom adhesive products. In particular, 3M preferred tape convertors are getting a lot of attention from the business community right now, given the way in which pressure sensitive adhesive tape is the potential to be uniquely beneficial.

But assuming you are already working with a joining process that seems to be getting the job done, what exactly is the benefit of switching to pressure sensitive adhesive tape? Well, the simple answer is that there are in fact multiple benefits, which can make a significant difference to the way your business operates in general.  As is often the case, it really isn’t until you make the switch personally you can truly understand how big of a difference such a small change can make.

Five Reasons To Consider Switching To Pressure

Here are just a few examples to take into consideration:

Time Savings

First of all, when you consider each and every type of adhesive product on the market, there are in fact none that come close to custom adhesive tapes when it comes to speed and simplicity.  Adhesives have the potential to be easy to use in general, but a pressure sensitive adhesive tape is the kind of thing that can simplify operations and save plenty of time.  Not only this, but the fact that it is unlikely any existing members of the workforce will need any specific training to learn how to use adhesive tape also means considerable savings of time and money. 


Something else to bear in mind is the way in which working with custom adhesive manufacturers like these means it is perfectly possible to have the exact adhesive products you require designed and manufactured on your behalf.  Basically, what you are looking at is an alternative to the usual process of choosing adhesive products from those made available via generic retailers, in order to find one that is generally fit for purpose.  When you have a custom adhesive designed on your behalf, you are guaranteed a final result that is quite literally flawless for its intended purpose.  Which in turn means that whatever purpose you have in mind, the job gets done better, faster, safer and easier.

Minimal equipment

If you are currently using any kinds of mechanical fixings or traditional joining methods like welding, it is inevitable that in order to get the job done, you will have to have a fair amount of additional tools and equipment around the place.  By contrast, to work with a custom adhesive tape is to choose adjoining method where absolutely no additional equipment whatsoever is required.  Everything that is required to carry out the join is right there in the tape itself.  As such, this has the potential to translate to significant savings for the business, along with a vastly simplified adjoining process contributing to more efficient output in general.


There will always be certain instances where it is necessary for an amount of flexibility to remain in the join created.  In such instances, pressure sensitive adhesive tape has the potential to do a far better job than any other kind of adhesive or mechanical fixing. The simple fact of the matter is that if you commissioner a custom adhesive product to be designed on your behalf, you get to specify the exact properties it possesses across the board.


It’s also worth bearing in mind the fact that the very best of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes available right now possess the same kind of durability and longevity as even the most reliable mechanical fixings.  Regardless of how heavy duty or demanding the job is, chances are they is a custom adhesive product out there that could get the job done far better.


Last up, in absolutely any application whatsoever where it is preferable to keep weight to an absolute minimum, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes can be simply fantastic.  When compared to the weight of mechanical fixings like screws, bolts, nuts, hinges and so on, adhesive tapes weigh practically nothing at all.  Which in turn means that if you are manufacturing anything at all and would prefer to minimize excess weight, making the switch to pressure sensitive adhesive tapes really could make all the difference.




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