Three small volcano islands you can barely spot on maps, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, are forming the small Republic of Cabo Verde. A fairly new civilization, on the islands no human being set foot until the late fifteenth century. Now an exotic paradise for wealthy people, the real estate market in Cabo Verde has known a boom. The touristic market is still developing at a fast peace, increasing the potential of developing a continuously growing real estate empires and a growth of capital for investors as well. So, is holiday property investment in Cape Verde really worth it? Continue reading below to find out.

Cape Verde real estate boom – A business idea worth considering

A continuously growing touristic market

A destination avidly hunted by wealthy individuals, Cape Verde is now on the top exotic destinations and it seems to remain there for a long time. Statistics show a continuous growth by 2025. Therefore, is it worth investing in a property in this location? Economists say it is, due to the fact that a property here will have an enormous rate of return from the first year. Considering the number of tourists an owner has the possibility to rent to, the figures are no wonder.

Flexible investment options and payment plans

Fractional investments are the perfect alternative when it comes to Cape Verde’s real estate investment market. Letting you to invest only partially in a real estate property, they offer a great flexibility. The revenue will be proportionally with the fraction the businessperson has invested in a property. All the fees are included, and you won’t have to worry about further payments.

You can use the property for both personal use and touristic purposes

If you consider buying a property in such a destination, chances are you might want to consider moving with your family there, too. The location is amazing, and generally, the properties are big enough to host both you and your family as well as a generous number of guests. Why not profit if you have the opportunity to live in such an exotic place?

Yes, we surely encourage all businesspersons interested in making an additional yearly profit to invest in a real estate property in the Republic of Cabo Verde. The opportunities are endless and flexible in terms of investment options and payment plans. Additionally, the continuously growing real estate and touristic market in there will assure you’ll have a generous profit from the start.    

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