By Travis Buchanan - June - 6 - 2018 - Comments Off on Corporate milestones: celebrating an employee’s work anniversary

Running a business equals getting caught up in everyday tasks, important meetings with associates, project deadlines and numerous emails. Some people, whether we are talking about employees or superiors, end up spending almost an entire day at the workplace, sometimes even arriving home late at night exhausted. There is no harm in being addicted to work or struggling to help a company evolve, but such productive people undoubtedly deserve a [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - April - 19 - 2018 - Comments Off on Tips for starting a business overseas in Norway

Are you taking into account the possibility of starting a business outside of your home soil? Good for you. Setting up a base of operations in a country like Norway opens the door for new customers. As surprising as it may seem, you can become the important player in the market. Your business isn’t subject to the fluctuations and downturns in the US economy, so you’re less likely to fail. [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - October - 10 - 2017 - Comments Off on What car to buy in order to leave a good impression

If you were wondering what type of car you should buy in order to leave a good impression to people around you, then the Volvo XC90 is your answer. You may ask yourself what’s so special about this car that makes people instantly turn their heads around on the street. Well, first of all it’s the size of it. Volvo XC90 is a huge car and it impresses people simply [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - July - 19 - 2017 - Comments Off on Tips for establishing your own microbrewery

When it comes to small businesses, the idea of establishing a microbrewery crosses more and more people’s minds. Craft beer becomes more and more popular, and manufacturing it is sure seems to be a great idea. Retailing it to local bars, restaurants and shops is a realistic expectation since more and more establishments of this kind are looking forward to collaborating with local manufacturers in different industries. However, for doing [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - June - 2 - 2017 - Comments Off on Top qualities of a metal pressing manufacturer

Metal fabrication companies are at wide use for multiple industries. For decades, metal pressings become widely used in various industries, from automotive, to naval ship production and so on. Chances are, if you’re a manufacturer, most likely you need metal pressings for your production processes.  Thus, before deciding to collaborate with a manufacturer or another, it would be great if you’d search for clues that in front of you is [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - May - 16 - 2017 - Comments Off on How an online hair stylist app propels your business

Technology has become a natural part of our culture. Yet, many people are still reluctant when it comes to using it to their own benefit. Hair stylists are particularly obstinate, having no sense of the latest fashions. Why? Maybe because they think that they don’t need it. After all, in the beauty industry you need skill not electronics. This is where they are wrong. Technology, particularly applications, helps with every [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - December - 8 - 2016 - Comments Off on Golden rules to follow when choosing a freight forwarder

Small shipping companies know how difficult it is to enter a market that was already cornered by the bigger fish in the pond, those big companies that have several decades of experience in the domain and who are worldly renowned for their services. However, it is worth mentioning that there is still a chance to compete against these bigger companies and probably the best solution to this is to join [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - October - 4 - 2016 - Comments Off on How can small cargo businesses afford to implement international shipping?

As the owner of a small cargo business, you probably have a lot of difficulties in keeping your business going, and keeping up with competitors. In a competitive market such as this one, business expansion can be hard to achieve, and if you will not offer your customers the possibility of shipping internationally, then you will never be able to get new business, increase your range of clientele or improve [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - March - 28 - 2016 - Comments Off on The most important things to test on your website

The moment you resort to the services of a professional web designer, you have to take into account a series of aspects. One important  aspect is to make sure the website is easy to use by anyone. Having a friendly and easy to use website is what convinces people to access it, so you have to make sure it is perfect before you release it and make it public. One [..]

  By Travis Buchanan - March - 28 - 2016 - Comments Off on Bird Food: An Easy Guide to Seed Types

If you have just bought a new bird and you want to make sure you offer it the best possible diet, you will find the following guide very useful. While generally sunflower seeds attract most birds, different birds may have an inclination for other types of seeds as well. Here are the most common seeds found in the bird food in Melbourne: Sunflower There are two types of sunflower seeds: [..]

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