If you have just bought a new bird and you want to make sure you offer it the best possible diet, you will find the following guide very useful. While generally sunflower seeds attract most birds, different birds may have an inclination for other types of seeds as well. Here are the most common seeds found in the bird food in Melbourne:

Bird Food An Easy Guide to Seed Types


There are two types of sunflower seeds: striped and black oil. The black oil seeds have very thin shells that can be cracked open by any bird, which the striped ones are harder to crack by smaller birds. Many pet owners feed their birds with shelled seeds, without realising that the sunflower hearts that no longer have the protection of shells can spoil faster and can harbour bacteria that will make their animals sick.



These seeds have a hard shell, which is why they are generally preferred by cardinals. However, some doves, grosbeaks and chickadees can also eat it, so if you own such birds, you can try introducing it into their daily feeding routine.


White Millet

These seeds are usually preferred by doves, quails, cardinals and juncos and other ground-feeding birds. The best way to feed these seeds is either by simply scattering it on the ground or using low-set tray feeders.



These small, oily seeds are preferred by goldfinches, pine siskins, common redpolls and indigo buntings. The seeds are rich in nutrients and are always loved by birds and since they are so small, they can be found in various mixes.


Golden and Red Millet

These are often used as filler seeds in various mixes, but most birds avoid them. For this reason they become waste and end up filling the feeders. The problem is that they can also gather bacteria and contaminate fresh seeds, so you should avoid buying mixes that contain these seeds, or at least empty and wash the feeders regularly to make sure your pets are healthy. When you see small red seeds in the mix you are about to buy, have a look on the label and make sure they are sorghum or milo and not red millet.



Peanuts are a favourite of chickadees, jays, woodpeckers, titmice and many other birds. These are very nutritious and can be a great choice if you have birds that might like them. However, be sure to change the seeds frequently in order to maintain the food as clean as possible and avoid any problems.



Again, these are not very popular seeds among most birds and they will most likely avoid them when eating a mix. However, there are a few birds that can eat them such as doves, juncos, quails and finches, so if you have these birds, rapeseeds will be just fine.


These are the most popular seeds that can be found in various bird mixes on the market. Obviously, you will need to adapt the mix depending on what type of birds you have and should you choose a professional pet-store, you are bound to find the perfect seeds to maintain your birds happy and healthy.

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