In the process of looking for security laminates, medical adhesive products or simply a business to produce a bespoke adhesive for your production process, there are basically two ways of going about things. The first is to buy from the first provider you come across which on the surface appears to tick all boxes and is providing products for an acceptable price. The second way is to proactively make sure you shop directly with the manufacturer and have them produce the adhesives you need personally.

Strictly speaking, one would be forgiven for thinking that there was no difference really – considering that the final outcome might in all likelihood be quite similar. Nonetheless, the fact that custom adhesive products are needed in the first place confirms how important it is to make sure that the products selected are indeed up to the job. If second-rate were not a problem, low-grade adhesive products bought from any standard store would be usually good enough.

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So if only flawless results are intended and the highest possible customer service standards preferred, here is a short rundown of a few reasons why it’s worth going direct:

1 – Quality Is Consistent

First up, it is important to bear in mind that in the case of product resellers, these brands often tend to be the kind of businesses that work with multiple manufacturers. Put simply, for the sake of minimising costs and maximising profit, they will no doubt purchase from whoever offers them the lowest price at the time. Which is all well and good for the reseller, but it does at the same time mean that if you repeat your order many times or order in bulk, there is a very strong likelihood the consistency of the products may be affected. If you’d prefer to avoid this, it’s recommended that you go directly to the manufacturer.

2 – Best Value for Money

Another thing to bear in mind is the way middlemen and resellers generally don’t do what they do as a hobby. That simply means they are in this line of work to fill their pockets, rather than to do society a favour. Therefore, it’s basically inevitable that resellers will be at least to some extent be increasing the original prices of products and goods, in order to make sure that they do indeed make some profit in the whole process. If they sell the products for the same prices they bought them originally, they would be out of business pretty soon. So, it is more than worth making sure it is the manufacturer you work with directly as this will guarantee not only the lowest prices, but also the best available discounts and deals.

3 – Short Delivery Times

There will always be cases when delivery times don’t really matter and there is no urgent business. In the other 99% of cases though, it is usually a case of the sooner you receive the products you have ordered, the better. When one does business with resellers and middlemen, there is nothing to say that you will not eventually receive everything you ordered. Nevertheless, the fact that you’re running an order via a third-party business simply means that you’re doubling the time and complexity needed to get your order to the actual manufacturer in the first place. If you happen to work in an industry where time is precious…well…you can most likely figure out the rest!

4 – Getting in Touch Is Easy

It is also worth pointing out the fact that if and when you run into any issues along the way, it’s much simpler and easier to deal with the producer directly than with any middlemen or resellers. If for instance you need a product exchange, a refund or just need to discuss a long-term repeating order, it simply does not make sense to take all such queries and communications through an extra party. By contrast, it is perfectly sensible to get in touch with the manufacturer directly.

5 – Professional Support and Advice

And finally, as you yourself can’t be expected to be knowledgeable about everything concerning bespoke adhesive products and tapes, it is simply inevitable that you’re going to require some guidance and help along the way. From initial quotations and consultations to discussing items already in use to upcoming product lines and so on, these are the things that will come as standard when working directly with the manufacturer. Try any of the above with a reseller on the other hand and chances are you will be looking at an uninspiring final outcome.

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