Social media platforms and modern technology diffuse the line of what is appropriate and what is not, leading to a confusing environment. Keeping in mind just a few business etiquette tips will help you set a professional tone with clients, co-workers and business partners.

5 Essential Business Etiquette Tips 5 Essential Business Etiquette Tips pictures

1. Wear appropriate attire
If you dress to impress, you dress for success! Even if a company has a casual dress code, be careful of the choices you make. What type of casual is appropriate? Business casual, smart casual or corporate casual? Is the code is unclear, it is better to be overdressed. When attending a meeting, don’t turn up in you comfortable sneakers even if it’s “casual Friday.” A neglected appearance can be interpreted by other people in a negative way, as if they aren’t worth the effort of looking presentable. Grooming is also important, so make sure you smell nice don’t have a slovenly appearance.

2. Handshake etiquette
A good handshake sets the stage for instant rapport, and paired with a smile will definitely make a good first impression. Researchers reveal that a prospective employee is more likely to get the job if he has an adequate handshake. If someone’s handshake is unpleasant, we tend to associate negative personality traits to that person. The firmness of the grip varies from culture to culture. Americans value a strong handshake, while the French use a light, brisk squeeze.

3. Remember names
Knowing the names of your clients and co-workers is one of the most important business etiquette tips, because it leads to healthy relationships. Learn the names of everyone, the workers, clients, suppliers and the woman that cleans your office. If you are in a management position, reach out to people regardless of their roles. Acknowledge what people do and get to know those that work hard for your company.

4. Electronic etiquette
There are many business etiquette tips for email, conference calls and cellphone conversations, but the most important one is to remember that these are means of professional correspondence. Professional correspondence is respectful, does not include smiley faces, personal notes, spam and jokes. At the end of emails add a signature with your name and contact information. Be respectful when you talk on the phone and don’t call someone at inappropriate hours. Introduce yourself at the beginning of each conversation, be clear and don’t interrupt other when they are talking.

5. Send a thank you note
Whether you are visiting clients, meeting business partners or have a job interview, increase your chances of getting the contract and write a thank you note. This will make you stand out and create a positive impression of yourself and your company.

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